Academy Award-nominee Paul Giamatti can't wait to return to his native America after filming in Canada, so he can celebrate his Oscar nod at a shooting range.

The pistol-loving actor is up against George Clooney (SYRIANA), Matt Dillon (CRASH), Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain) and William Hurt (A History of Violence) in the Best Supporting Actor category at the March (06) awards for his performance in Cinderella Man.

After learning of his nomination yesterday (31JAN06), Giamatti admits his celebrations have been rather tame because he is far away from friends and family.

Giamatti says, "If I was home, I'd be having a high old time, but I'm in Canada, man.

"I have to go to a pistol range and fire some handguns off. That'll be a good energy release. I can get my ya-yas out doing that.

"It (the nomination) doesn't add up for me. I never put these things together. I figure it's just one lucky step as it goes along each step of the way. I don't usually tie them together."