Paul Giamatti regrets turning down a wine ad campaign following the success of SIDEWAYS - because he'd be a wealthy man if he agreed to peddle Merlot.
The actor played a wine snob who hated Merlot in the 2004 movie and was then approached by grape growers in California to mock his film character in a TV and print ad.
He explains, "The Merlot growers tried to get me to do an ad campaign for them; I said no and now I feel like a fool - I could have used the cash."
And Giamatti admits his role in Sideways has turned him into the butt of jokes in restaurants.
He adds, "People are always pushing Merlot on me. Merlot was the thing I wouldn't drink so everybody thinks it's hilarious to try to make me drink a glass - and they think nobody's ever done that before."