British actor Paul Freeman has slammed THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JIM CAVIEZEL, branding him a "bad actor" and an "awful man".

The 61-year-old actor, who played INDIANA JONES bad guy DR RENE BELLOQ in Raiders of the Lost Ark, stars with Caviezel in new golf movie BOBBY JONES: STROKE OF GENIUS - and he wasn't impressed with his co-star.

Freeman says, "He's an awful man, he's not actually that good an actor either.

"He hated the fact my character had all these funny lines and his didn't.

"I'd have to undercut him, pull him down a peg or two, and he was having to bite his tongue, I loved it...

"The other thing - which frustrated everyone, not just me - was his reluctance to play a bad shot, even if he'd been instructed to make a mistake he'd always make sure he hit it right first, just to show he could. Silly man!"

06/05/2004 13:47