'The Heat' director Paul Feig thinks Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy could be Hollywood's next great comedy duo.

The filmmaker was extremely pleased with the chemistry between the two lead stars of his new female buddy comedy - in which they play rival police officers forced to team together - and thinks they are even funnier than 'Rush Hour' stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, who earned critical acclaim for their own on-screen partnership.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the UK gala screening of 'The Heat' at the Curzon Mayfair cinema in London yesterday (13.06.13), he said: ''To me they are 'Rush Hour' times ten.''

The rib-tickling movie is Feig's latest female-led comedy following the smash hit success of 'Bridesmaids' in 2011, and he explained he is drawn to the niche genre because he feels women are under-represented in funny flicks despite being just as hilarious as their male counterparts.

He said: ''I love funny women. I've felt like, for so long, I wasn't seeing funny women being able to show off everything that they can do, so I wanted to right that wrong. Hollywood's still not caught up. There should be many more movies like this and there should be many more funny women who are big stars. I'm trying to chip away at the stone as much as I can, but I want other people in Hollywood to help me and do the same thing.''

Feig was joined on the red carpet by lead actress Sandra Bullock at the gala screening.