Proving that there is life away from Jersey Shore, one of the reality TV show's former stars, Pauly D, aka Paul Delvecchio, is launching a spin-off series all about himself. The show, entitled The Pauly D Project airs for the first time tonight at 10:30pm Et/PT on MTV (March 29, 2012) and the bizarrely-coiffured star of the show insists that it will present his sensitive side that Jersey Shore fans don't often get to see.

During an interview with Mtv News, Pauly reveals that this spin-off show will reveal to its viewers "Just how much I am all about my home, my family and my friends - you don't really see that." On tonight's episode, Pauly's fans will get to see him heading to Las Vegas with his pals for a DJ residency. His entire entourage will be in tow, including his best mate Ryan and bodyguard Jerry. Pauly also gets to go home and visit his friends and family, as well as signing "a mind-blowing record deal with the G-Note division of 50 Cent's G-Unit Records." He said of the episode "Now you get to see me take my closest friends on the road with me from Rhode Island, and you get to see Rhode Island. I'm really excited just to show the world that side of me."

Pauly has already worked with 50 Cent, on a commercial for the rapper's new drinks brand. He also appeared in the ad for the energy drink Street King. 50 Cent isn't the only celebrity pal of Pauly's to be seen in the new series. Mr D also lands a spot as the opening act for none other than BRITNEY SPEARS.