Pauly D missed tanning salons when he was in Italy.

The 'Jersey Shore' star likes taking care of his appearance so admits it was hard when he recently spent some in the European country because of the lack of artificial sunbeds, while the nearest gym was an hour away.

He told lifestyle TV show 'New York Live': "There are no tanning salons, which is a problem for me. The gym is an hour away and you have to carry your laundry because the streets are so narrow. GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) was a mess. Everything else was beautiful. You had to go to a nail salon if you want to go tanning."

The reality TV star - real name Paul Delvecchio - also revealed he would consider taking part in 'Dancing With The Stars' when his DJ career finishes.

Pauly - who claims to earn up to $10,000 when he hits the decks - said: "I will do 'Dancing with the Stars' when my career dips."

His 'Jersey Shore' housemate Snooki is already rumoured to be taking part in the show, but she refuses to confirm.

He said: "I texted her congratulations about doing 'Dancing', but she texted back, 'Am I?' "