British television magician Paul Daniels has been left requiring medical attention after he was hit in the face by a pizza - thrown by a hand-puppet. The 73-year-old was filming a scene for Itv's new series 'The Sooty Show' when the eponymous puppet launched a pizza that struck him on the head, reports Sky News.
Although early reports suggested Daniels had been admitted to hospital, the magician played down the incident, claiming he had driven himself to a "village hospital" after his eye began to sting. He said, "I wasn't hospitalised by Sooty, there was a slapstick scene, I got pizza in my eye.It stung so on the way home that evening I called into a local wonderful village hospital". Actor Richard Cadell, who had been operating the Sooty hand-puppet at the time, was left devastated after injuring his "childhood hero", saying, "Paul turned round and said 'Come on Sooty, give it some welly!' so I did. The second throw hit him hard".
Despite the pizza attack, Paul Daniels is scheduled to perform his 'Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow' show at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He will star in 'The Sooty Show' when the series returns to Itv in September.