A new film about ROLLING STONE BRIAN JONES' life is so revealing police will re-investigate the rocker's mysterious death, according the movie's producer.

STEVE WOOLLEY hints in the film - which will see Paul Bettany as the deceased guitarist - that Jones's death was a murder rather than accident, as was officially recorded following the guitarist's drowning in 1969.

Woolley says, "After the film comes out I'm convinced the police will have to reopen the case. So much of it is about the murder of Brian Jones because the real motivation for the murder has never been clearly stated.

"Some of the people I've found in eight years of research the police weren't able to find. We've found people who haven't spoken about Brian publicly for 30 years - people who'd gone right off the map.

"The film is about Brian Jones the man. How he wrote music for movies. How he was recording and experimenting with Moroccan musicians in the early 1960s and other exotic performers, when other Stones were content to simply do cover versions of Chuck Berry hits. He was working with HENDRIX before he was famous. Jones truly was an individual."

Other names due to appear in the film include Dougray Scott as Mick Jagger and Rhys Ifans as Keith Richards.