Paul Anka Releases 'Duets' Album On 09 April 2013 With Recordings From Michael Buble, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion And More

Paul Anka Releases 'Duets' Album On 09 April 2013 With Recordings From Michael Buble, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion And More

On 09 April 2013, Sony Music Legacy Recordings will release 'Duets', a celebration of Paul Anka's 55th year as a singer/songwriter/entertainer featuring brand new recordings with Michael Bublé and Leon Russell and collaborations with some of the world's greatest artists. 

The album brings together a mixture of the best artists and songs throughout music history including Paul Anka's all-time classic 'My Way', recorded by Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson's posthumous last single 'This Is It' co-written by Anka and the track he penned for Tom Jones, 'She's A Lady'. 

Duets also features collaborations with George Benson, Michael Mcdonald, Dolly Parton, Leon Russell, Gloria Estefan, Willie Nelson, Patti Labelle, Chris Botti and Peter Cetera, who have all contributed to Paul Anka's musical journey in this warming, must-have album. The release coincides with Anka's long-awaited life story, 'MY WAY: An Autobiography', co-written with David Dalton and published by St. Martins Press. 

Paul Anka said: 'Throughout the history of music there have been all kinds of songs; to me, the classics still reign supreme. This endeavour, these songs, will be easy on your ears; they are the stuff that love and life is all about.' 

Paul Anka is a pop music legend and is among Billboard magazine's top 25 most successful recording artists, putting him alongside Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Anka's debut single, Diana hit the number one spot in the UK in 1957 and he has continued to chart singles throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. 

Paul Anka wrote all his own hits - 'Diana', 'You Are My Destiny', 'Lonely Boy', 'Put Your Head On My Shoulder', 'PuppyLove' and took control of his business career (producing, buying and owning his master recordings, a practice he still employs today). 

Anka finishes with a personal message: 'I am proud of what you are about to hear, and I am grateful to those of you out there who continue to show an interest in every body of work that I create. I have always said that success has many fathers and I thank everyone who has made this venture possible; it is always a team effort.

Full tracklisting: 

1. Walk A Fine Line - with George Benson and Michael McDonald (B) 
2. Find My Way Back To Your Heart - Sung by Paul Anka, background vocal by Tita Hutchison (A) 
3. Do I Love You (Yes, In Every Way) - with Dolly Parton (B) 
4. This Is It - with Michael Jackson (B) 
5. I Really Miss You - with Leon Russell (A) 
6. Think I'm In Love Again - with Gloria Estefan (B) 
7. Pennies From Heaven - with Michael Bublé (A) 
8. Crazy - with Willie Nelson (B) 
9. You Are My Destiny - with Patti LaBelle (C) 
10. Les Filles de Paris - with Chris Botti (B) 
11. It's Hard To Say Goodbye - with Celine Dion (C) 
12. She's A Lady - with Tom Jones (C) 
13.  Hold Me 'Til the Morning Comes - with Peter Cetera (C) 
14.  My Way - with Frank Sinatra (B) 


(A) Brand new recording 
(B) New version.  Features either new vocals or new musical instrumentation 
(C) Previously appeared on the 1998 album A Body Of Work