Singer Paul Anka's wife has been kicked out of her New York City gym, after bosses accused her of running an illegal personal-training business.
Former beauty queen Anna Anka was ejected from the exclusive Equinox gym on Manhattan's upper east side on Sunday (25Oct09), while she worked out with her friend Susanne Erlandsson.
The duty manager alleged she was training her pal and explained only staff members were allowed to give exercise instruction - but the bemused 38 year old insists she was only helping Erlandsson tone her stomach muscles.
Anka tells the New York Post, "I told him (the manager), 'I am here with my girlfriend from Sweden, showing her some exercises. We were doing ab work... and an Equinox trainer... got the manager... who yelled, 'Get out of my gym!'"
An Equinox spokesperson declined to comment as WENN went to press.