Patton Oswalt and Jason Reitman have filmed a public service announcement (Psa) in a bid to prevent moviegoers from texting at the cinema.
Oswalt teamed up with Reitman, the director of his new movie Young Adult, to remind theatre fans to be polite and stash their cellphones after hearing about one viewer, who recently lodged an official complaint against bosses at the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas after she was kicked out of a screening for texting.
In the parody, Reitman escorts the Ratatouille star out of the cinema for using his phone and Oswalt follows up the gesture by leaving a crude voicemail to show his discontent.
He says, "Yeah, I was wondering if you guys actually enjoyed treating your customers like a piece of s**t? I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to text in your little c**ppy a** theatre. It was too f**king dark in that place for me to find my seat. I was using my phone to get to my f**kin' seat. So excuse me for using my phone in Usa...
"It was on silent, it wasn't on loud, it wasn't bothering anybody. You guys were obviously being a**holes to me. And I'm sure that's what you do to rip people off - take my money and then you throw me out."