Patti Stanger, the star of 'Millionaire Matchmaker', has attacked the wealthy people of New York by brandishing them snobs, while calling the millionaire's of Los Angeles 'shallow'.
In an interview with Fancast, the 49-year-old spoke about the differences between the rich and famous in both the Big Apple, and L.A, saying, "They're kind of snobs in the education and pedigree department (in New York) where in LA all they give a crap about is like well what does she look like, you know, how big are her boobs. They're very shallow in LA", and when asked about how she found acting as a matchmaker to the millionaires in New York, Stanger said, "You have to remember there are five women to every one guy in New York. It's completely different than any other city in the United States. it really didn't work in LA. It worked better, way better in New York".
'Millionaire Matchmaker' is an hour long show that sees Stanger attempting to bring two single millionaires together. The show starts with the wealthy individuals submitting a 'DVD biography', and a short description of the type of partner they are searching for - Stanger then meets the contestants personally. The new season of the business woman's reality series premieres on Bravo tonight (19th October 2010).