Punk icon Patti Smith has fond memories of the 16-years she spent away from showbusiness - because it allowed her to enjoy the simple life with her late husband FRED.
The Because The Night rocker and her man lived a self-sufficient lifestyle in Michigan, while Smith learned how to play golf and the clarinet.
She recalls, "We didn't go anywhere. We did everything ourselves... We were frugal. I did all the cooking and cleaning. Fred did all the repair work in the house.
"Occasionally, he or I would get royalty cheques. It was great. I had a chance to learn and study. My husband taught me about politics and golf and how to play the clarinet.
"In the 16 years I was out of the public eye, I did more writing that I'd done ever before. I wrote three novels that have yet to be published. I painted. I drew. I had my children. It was a very good time in my life."
And Smith feels sure she was destined to take time off - because her husband would die so young.
She tells Spin magazine, "The time when I was away from music ended up being the only time that I spent alone with him. That's proof to me that I made the right choice."
Former Mc5 star Fred 'Sonic' Smith died from a heart attack in 1994, 14 years after he and Patti wed.