Patti Smith threw herself into photography following her husband's death because she needed a distraction during her time of grief.
The Because the Night singer married Fred 'Sonic' Smith of rock band Mc5 in 1980 and the couple went on to welcome two children.
Smith was left devastated when her partner passed away in 1994 after suffering heart failure, and following his death, Smith discovered a new hobby which helped her heal.
She tells The New York Times Style Magazine, "First I started taking a lot of pictures after my husband died, because I just couldn't work. I couldn't write. I was so tired.
"But then one day, I picked up an old Polaroid camera, and I took a picture of (dancer Rudolf) Nureyev's slippers... and I looked at it, and it was good. It made me happy and made me feel like I had accomplished something for that day. And the immediacy of it was comforting. And now my camera is my friend, and I take it everywhere."