The rock star joined actor Ethan Hawke in New York to kick off the Tribeca Film Festival’s Tribeca Talks series on Thursday (14Apr16), and during their conversation, Patti admitted she initially wanted to follow the same career path as the Boyhood star.

"I thought I would be in theatre," she told Ethan. "I loved being onstage, but I couldn’t take the repetition of having to do the same lines. I didn’t have the right discipline."

After appearing in a few plays as a teenager, Patti realised it just wasn't the perfect fit for her, so she channelled her creativity into songwriting and poetry instead.

"Fourteen, fifteen hours at a time, and a lot of times just sitting in seven hours of makeup, then there’s a technical problem and you have to do it all over again," she continued. "You have to shoot the same scene from 40 different angles. Crappy food... Acting is much harder than rock and roll."

An amused Ethan added, "All that is true, I completely agree."

Patti went on, "Acting is so hard. God bless our actors. No one realises what a rough gig it is, really. They think, 'Movie stars, they get so much money.' It’s the worst f**king job in the world."