Soul queen Patti Labelle has earned herself a $3,000 (GBP1,670) Tupperware spending spree after spending 40 years complaining publicly about the fact ELTON JOHN stole her storage dishes.

Elton used to be LaBelle's pianist way back when he was just plain old REG DWIGHT and he upset his old boss by not returning Tupperware she loaned him.

She recalls, "He had no money, I would play cards and win all of their (band's) money and then invite them to my flat in London and feed them all and they were so hungry and they said, `Patti, the food is so good, can we take some home?'

"I said, `OK, as long as you bring my Tupperware back.' I've never seen the Tupperware from Elton."

And after years of recalling the story on chat shows and in interviews, Tupperware bosses have treated LaBelle for helping promote their product.

She explains, "Someone from Tupperware heard about the Tupperware story and they sent me a $3,000 gift certificate to buy any Tupperware... It's great."