Patti Labelle has discovered the true cost of losing your temper. And in this particular instance, it has cost the disco diva $100,000. When LaBelle let rip at Roseanna Monk and her young daughter, in the lobby of a Manhattan apartment block, she probably wasn't expecting to be slapped with a hefty bill at the end of it. That's exactly what she got, though, when Roseanna took legal action over the incident.
According to the New York Post, the disco singer allegedly used the 'f-word' at Monk, as well as calling her a 'c*nt' and went on to drench her with bottled water, after complaining that Monk's daughter was playing near the door of the lobby, in the Upper West Side apartment block where the singer was staying. Monk's daughter was just 18 months old in 2010, when the incident happened. When Monk accused LaBelle of making her daughter hysterical, LaBelle allegedly had to be held back by her own security team, to prevent a physical confrontation.
The case was settled out of court, though the Post have revealed that court papers claimed the child suffered "personality changes, sleep disorders and increased fear of strangers." Monk's lawyer, Sam Davis, explained that Patti would have had a hard time defending her actions in court, when they had the option of presenting a cute toddler as evidence against her: "That mean woman over there, with the 300-pound bodyguard, was yelling at her. The jury would be shaking their heads," he said. The $100,000 is reportedly being donated to the Hope and Heroes Children's Cancer Fund.