Soul singer Patti Labelle is "walking like a hunchback" after being injured in a car accident in Los Angeles on Saturday (31MAY03).

The LADY MARMALADE singer, 59, was in Los Angeles to perform two shows at North Hollywood's UNIVERSAL AMPHITHEATRE over the weekend, but ended up taking to the stage in excruciating pain after her driver's indelicate actions left her injured.

She says, "The limo threw me from the front to the back of the car. He put his brakes on real hard and I flew from the back seat. Thank God, my manager was in the car with me and he pushed my head down so I didn't go into the driver's seat. I would've been dead.

"I went to CEDARS-SINAI (hospital) and I'm walking like a hunchback now; I'm lopsided and my neck went out."

But LaBelle didn't let the injuries deter her from taking to the stage that night or the following day.

She adds, "I had two shows on Saturday and Sunday at the amphitheatre and after the accident I said, 'If I can just get on that stage and sing that's all I wanna do. Keep me in a brace.' But I got up and did the JAMES BROWN - I did my show, honey. But afterwards I was crawling. I couldn't walk."

04/06/2003 09:29