Soul diva Patti Labelle has slammed celebrities who don't make time for their fans.

The Lady Marmalade hitmaker, who turns 60 on 24 May (04), urges her fellow superstars to think twice before shunning autograph and photo sessions with fans - because they're the people who count.

She says, "I despise people in showbusiness who make it to the top and then, when the paparazzi and the people outside want a handshake or something, they'll say they have no time for the public.

"Those people should stay home. If you become this really big superstar and you don't have time for the fans that made you what you are... Those people are superstars but they don't want to have anything to do with the public anymore.

"I'm honest with my fans. If you see me and I'm not running for a plane you're gonna have a Patti Labelle moment because you deserve it."

14/05/2004 20:01