Soul star Patti Labelle has vowed to be careful about her stage outfits, after she tore one of her skirts open during a live performance.

The LADY MARMALADE singer, who prides herself on donning alluring outfits, still shudders with embarrassment when she remembers her unintended flesh flash.

She says, "I was in Albany, New York, about 15 years ago and I... had (on) a long skirt.

"I'm very athletic onstage. I roll on the floor and kick my shoes off and stuff. This night I rolled out of the skirt!

"My band jumped up and threw their little jackets on me. I said, 'Honey, that's not enough to cover anything on me!' So I crawled under the piano and my friend NORMA was waiting in the back with a robe."

04/11/2004 09:17