Soul legend Patti Labelle turned down the chance to star in Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple - because she thought the film would be too racy. The Lady Marmalade singer was approached to play blues singer Shug Avery in the classic 1985 film, but was turned off by the fact she'd have to perform a same-sex kiss during a nude scene and she passed. The role went to Margaret Avery. But, having seen the film, which is now among her favourites, the singer fears she missed a great opportunity to show off her acting skills. LaBelle says, "I told Steven Spielberg I couldn't be in his film... I wasn't kissing a woman. I regret it because it was just acting. "She (Shug) was in the tub, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. So after I saw the movie, I said, 'Maybe I shouldn't have gotten so nervous about doing something that's acting.' "I should have shut up and just done the screen test and maybe I would have been Shug Avery."