Patti Labelle had to call her husband from the road when touring partner Richard Pryor bought her a car and a home sauna as gift package - because she didn't want her man to think she was having an affair. The Lady Marmalade star was shocked with the comedian's generosity after performing at a show in Detroit, Michigan, and insisted it would be improper to accept the gifts. But Pryor was adamant the singer accept his presents - and so she rang her then-husband Armistead Edwards to make sure he was OK with the offer. She tells urban magazine Sister 2 Sister, "I said, 'Let me go call my husband...' I said, 'Look, here's the deal... You know I ain't out here doing no hanky panky.' "I said, 'Richard just happens to be in love with my voice - not as a girlfriend. He just loves me. And he wants to buy me a car... If I say no it's gonna hurt his feelings.' "He said, 'OK, Pat, do what you think is best.' I went back to the table and I thought about it... and I said, 'Richard, I'm going to accept.'"