Patti Labelle has become the unofficial agony aunt to the girls of R+B after offering advice to stars like Beyonce Knowles, LIL' KIM and Toni Braxton. The Lady Marmalade singer started offering help and aid to younger stars after Mary J. Blige asked for her romance tips when she was dating Jodeci hunk K.C. LaBelle explains, "Mary J. Blige used to call me back in the day when she was going through things with K.C. and I told her my real opinion - 'Girlfriend, leave it alone. Walk on. You're too special to let anybody bring you down.' "Toni Braxton came over for dinner... We just talked about life and things and I was just saying how wonderful and how unique her voice was. "Beyonce... when we were in London, we said we just wanna talk... All these little girls are like my little daughters... Pink sends me orchids."