Comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES gave veteran soul singer Patti Labelle a huge chocolate cake and a pair of homemade high-heel sports shoes for her 60th birthday yesterday (12MAY04).

LaBelle, who celebrates her big day on 24 May (04), made an appearance on DeGeneres' chat show, where she admitted to hoping the sensible-dressing funny girl would take on some of her glamorous fashion tips.

She said, "I tried to get Ellen to wear pumps today and a short skirt. She said there's no way."

But practical DeGeneres was resolute about not wearing stilettos, explaining, "Everything about it is wrong. There's not one thing that's right about this. Who would look at a foot and then go, 'This is what should go on it!'? This is insane.

"There's comfort and then there's style and I got you something."

DeGeneres then pulled out the odd creation, to which LaBelle reacted, "A pump with a heel! Oh my God, this is too ugly, Ellen! I'm am not going out like this."

The pair jokingly hobbled in each other's shoes, before DeGeneres presented the cake to LaBelle and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her.

13/05/2004 13:06