R+B superstar Patti Labelle has called in Hollywood's leading dog behaviour expert to help her tame her wild pet NASIR. The Lady Marmalade singer rescued the mutt four years ago (03) when he was a puppy, but her love for the pooch turned to fear when the dog tried to attack her one day. LaBelle recalls, "I walked by one day and he really tried to get at me." The singer decided to call on TV 'dog whisperer' CESAR MILAN to help her tame Nasir for a new National Geographic Channel special. On the show, which airs in America next month (FEB07), Milan, who has helped many top stars control aggressive pets, says, "Nasir here is an insecure large-breed dog." Using his tried and tested techniques, the dog expert managed to persuade his famous client to hand-feed her pet for the first time and then take him for a walk.