Soul legend Patti Labelle is convinced God is behind her new duets album CLASSIC MOMENTS because she didn't have a voice during the project.

The singer was told to postpone recording sessions until her voice was better, but she felt she wouldn't be able to reschedule sessions with pals like Aretha Franklin and SIR Elton John again.

So she battled through hoarse spells and is still amazed with the results.

She says, "The whole CD, I was totally hoarse - I had no voice - but when I put on the headsets a voice came from somewhere."

LaBelle admits she was particularly thrilled when Elton John agreed to perform YOUR SONG with her.

She adds, "He was my piano player many many years ago when he was REGINALD DWIGHT.

"When we did the song that day we both had emotional moments. He said, `You taught me so many things and I just want to give back to you.'

"After the song was finished, he had his diamond rings off and I'd put them on and gave them back and he said, 'No, you take this one.'"

10/07/2005 10:48