Singer PATTI AUSTIN has urged Rihanna to give up her romance with Chris Brown following the alleged beating she received from him during a row in Los Angeles on 8 February (09).
A leaked photo of the Umbrella star sporting a black eye and split lip shocked the world and, as Brown prepares for his imminent arraignment, Austin has gone public with her thoughts about the controversy.
The singer, whose mother was the victim of domestic abuse in the past, tells Rihanna, "Do not go back to Chris."
The Grammy-winner tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, "Mr. Brown needs to go into deep, deep, deep, deep therapy... they both do."
And she's distressed by reports the young couple is back together: "This is very seldom a one-night situation. He will continue to take it out on her. That's the way this goes. This isn't a thing where a guy slaps somebody and goes, 'Oops'."
Brown was arrested and charged with making criminal threats following the incident and is due to be arraigned at a Los Angeles court on Thursday (05Mar09)