Patsy Palmer, the British actress best known for playing Bianca Butcher on Eastenders, has revealed she recently suffered a miscarriage. Patsy, 39, became pregnant just months after giving birth to her fourth child last December but tragically lost the baby.
Speaking to Hello magazine, the actress explained, "It was a shock to be pregnant so soon after having our baby Bertie. I felt fearful that I wasn't physically strong enough.Then, at my nine-week scan in October, they told me I'd lost the baby. We don't know why. But it shook us all". She added how husband Richard Merkell and her family helped her to cope with the trauma and how the couple are looking forward to the first birthday of Bertie - their young son who was born seven weeks premature. Also a mother to Charlie, 19, Fenton, 11 and daughter Emilia, Palmer spoke lovingly of her most recent new arrival, saying, "He has brought so much joy to the family. Returning to work was a wrench".
The actress returned to filming Eastenders in autumn 2011 and will make her anticipated screen return on the 22 December 2011 episode. Earlier this year, she was a guest on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.