Patsy Kensit was left devastated after being bullied about her weight.

The former 'Holby City' actress - who reached over 11 1/2 stone - admits she struggled to shed the pounds after her marriage with Liam Gallagher ended in 2000 and she says it made her dread visits to the supermarket.

She said: ''There was a real bullying that went on about my weight. I've got a thick skin, but sometimes it was so personal I'd be in the supermarket doing a food shop and there'd be all those women's weekly magazine with, ''Fatsy Patsy'' on the front. I'd be at the checkout and not be able to look to my right where the magazine rack was because it would be devastating.

The 44-year-old star - who has two children from her marriages to Liam and Jim Kerr - says going on holiday this year to Turkey finally motivated her to lose weight.

She told the Daily Mail Weekend: ''Before I went on holiday I got on the scales and was 10st 2lbs. I was completely shocked. So when I was there I didn't want anybody to see my body. I decided then to do Weightwatchers again.

''I did it 11 years ago and the weight stayed off for years, but I'd been scared of the ProPoints programme because maths isn't one of my strong points.''