Serial rock wife Patsy Kensit has vowed never to get married again - after three failed unions with musicians.

The British actress has married and divorced Big Audio Dynamite's DAN DONOVAN, SIMPLE MINDS singer Jim Kerr and Oasis frontman LIAM GALLAGHER - but has claimed she will never walk down the aisle again.

She explains, "I really don't think I'll ever do that again. Marriage truly hasn't worked for me. If I ever fall in love again, we might have separate homes.

"Love and romance are absolutely wonderful, but I've overdosed on them. I'm single now and absolutely loving it."

Kensit, now starring in British soap Emmerdale, has blamed Gallagher for causing her to undergo several cosmetic surgery operations.

She says, "I put my hand up and admit I did some stupid stuff. When relationships fall apart, you do some desperate things. You really hope you can make it better, whether it's through breast surgery or whatever.

"I was with somebody who was into all those things, but it's really not healthy and it's just not right. I know that finally."

21/04/2004 13:22