Actress Patsy Kensit has made peace with her cheating ex-husband Liam Gallagher, blaming his rock'n'roll lifestyle for his infidelity. The Oasis rocker and English actress were married in 1997, but divorced in 2000 after having their son LENNON together. Gallagher conceived a daughter with KILL CITY singer LISA MOORISH only a week after the couple were married. Kensit says, "There were certain girls around the band and every time Liam and I had the smallest of rows, it would appear in the paper. "The constant negative stuff, it just wore me down, it eroded my self-esteem. And, you know, certain things happened. "Liam was young and in the biggest band in the world. There's going to be all kinds of temptation. "I'm philosophical about that now. It would have been like that with anyone in his situation."