Patrick Wolf Unveils 'Lupercalia' Packshot

Patrick Wolf Unveils 'Lupercalia' Packshot

'Lupercalia' out 30th May - tracklisting as follows:

The City


Bermondsey Street

The Future



Time Of My LIfe

The Days

Slow Motion


The Falcons

"Lupercalia" is already being hailed as his best work to date. An unusual array of instruments emerge; the duduk, cristal bachet, glass harmonica and ondes martenot all combine with orchestral woodwind, brass, choral and string sections recorded at the legendary Air Studios to produce a body of work that sounds like the album Wolf has been waiting all his life to make.

Speaking in a recent interview, Wolf explains how the lyrics to this album are "hugely confessional" Having found both love and a related sense of deep fulfillment last year, "Lupercalia" records this continuing journey of discovery and the newly found redemptive feelings he has been experiencing. It seems that a refreshed outlook on life and a profound optimism has propelled him to new creative heights, contradicting the view that abject suffering always makes the best art.