British singer Patrick Wolf has publicly apologised for exploding with fury onstage in Germany last week (13Aug09) after concert bosses cut short his set.
The musician was wrapping up his performance in Cologne when venue staff shut off the sound system and asked him to stop singing.
A riled Wolf yelled, "I come all the f**king way from London", and then urged his fans to "f**king ask for your money back".
Wolf then hurled his microphone, stand and a stool across the stage.
But now the star has released a statement on his blog apologising for his antics during the gig.
He writes, "I am very sorry that I became too much wolf on stage."
He goes on to explain that he'd had a very long day without much sleep and had not been informed his set was to be cut short.
Wolf adds, "Being someone that thinks the audience comes before the industry, in my tired and promo overload tour brain, I took this as a demand for justice for the audience.
"I'm terribly sorry if anyone was upset by this display of closure on a show, but, as a human who works like a dog to keep myself in music during these hard times in the industry, I do have off days and bad moments like every other person in the world."