Tv star Patrick Warburton's mum is urging her son to give up his role as a paralysed cop in edgy cartoon comedy Family Guy in a bid to get the programme taken off air.
Barbara Warburton is a leading member of decency watchdog group the Parents Television Council - the U.S. organisation trying to clean-up Tv - and she has made it one of her missions to axe Seth MCFarlane's irreverent show, in which her son plays wheelchair-bound cop Joe Swanson.
According to U.S. tabloid the Globe, she recently filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission in an effort to have the show taken off the air on decency grounds.
She says, "Shows like these are leading toward the destruction of morality, and nothing seems sacred anymore.
"I have encouraged Patrick to quit the show, but it hasn't been very successful yet."