Patrick Swayze's widow is considering adoption in a bid to start the family she and her late husband always wanted.
Dancer/actress Lisa Niemi admits her biggest regret in life is not investigating fertility treatment while the Dirty Dancing star was alive.
She's still devastated by the miscarriage she suffered during her time with Swayze, and now she's looking into the possibility of adopting a little boy or girl.
She tells American publication the Globe, "Other single people do (adopt)... I've always wanted a child."
The publication reports Niemi and Swayze once considered adopting a child from Russia before the Ghost star fell ill and was diagnosed with deadly pancreatic cancer - but the 53 year old insists the couple should have been more determined to seek out information about fertility treatment.
She explains, "We should have probably investigated with fertility doctors, but we didn't."
Swayze lost his cancer battle in September (09).