Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze has fallen in love - with an elephant.

The DIRTY DANCING star was shooting new TV movie KING SOLOMON'S MINES in South Africa when he fell for his elephant co-star HARRY - and almost brought the beast back to America with him.

He tells Los Angeles magazine VENICE, "It got to the point where he'd pick me up with his tusks and I'd shake him and he'd shake back.

"On my last day, I was leaving the set in this Land Rover, and I stopped the vehicle and there was Harry. I wanted to see if he'd come over to me or not, so I yelled, 'Harry.'

"He saw me, threw back his trunk, and started charging towards my vehicle... He stopped right by the vehicle, stuck his trunk inside and wrapped it around me because he didn't want me to go.

"I was ready to take a big part of my ranch back home and turn it into an elephant preserve after that."

15/06/2004 17:14