Patrick Swayze offered to appear in the new DIRTY DANCING sequel for free, if movie studios Miramax let him make a series of new musical movies for them.

The movie-makers behind smash hit Chicago have bought the film rights to Broadway blockbusters DAMN YANKEES, PIPPIN and RENT - and Swayze is so keen to be involved with bringing them to the big screen, he offered to appear in DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS for nothing.

The ROAD HOUSE actor is also intent on keeping a promise he made to his hero Gene Kelly, to remake classic AN AMERICAN IN PARIS.

He explains, "I'm going to make sure An American In Paris gets remade - with me in it.

"I agreed to do the retelling of Dirty Dancing. Keep your money, I said to Miramax. Just give me your musicals."

05/01/2004 18:35