Patrick Swayze has been granted special permission to use a NASA airstrip in California, so he can fly himself to hospital for cancer treatment.
Moffett Federal Airfield near San Francisco is designated for government use only and is totally closed to civilians - but the actor and flying fanatic has reportedly been using the runway to jet between his home in southern California and Stanford University Medical Center.
A source tells Florida's Palm Beach Post newspaper Swayze is using the ex-navy base to avoid the paparazzi when he makes bi-monthly trips for chemotherapy.
The Dirty Dancing star was earlier this year (08) diagnosed with deadly pancreatic cancer, but his wife Lisa Niemi this week (8Apr08) revealed the 55-year-old is responding well to radical treatment doctors hope will save his life.
She said, "We're thrilled and grateful for the positive response Patrick has shown towards his treatment.
"We can't help but feel that all the prayers, meditations and good thoughts sent his way by everyone has made a difference."