Mourners at a private memorial for Patrick Swayze were greeted by a lone white horse on Sunday (04.10.09).

The animal was one of the 'Dirty Dancing' star's personal favourites and was saddled and caparisoned - fitted with the rider's cowboy boots facing backward in the stirrups - in tribute to the horse-loving late actor.

A source said: "It's an old horseman tradition."

Several hundred mourners, including Whoopi Goldberg, arrived at Sony Studios in Culver City, California, to celebrate the life of Patrick - who died of pancreatic cancer on September 14 - in an event organised by his wife Lisa Niemi.

The ceremony included a video tribute, speeches, photographs of the actor and dance routines.

Another source said: "A whole dancefloor was built. The dancers did these amazing numbers."

Patrick was cremated on September 17 and his ashes are currently being held at his lawyer's office, according to his death certificate.

It is understood the remains will stay at the office until Patrick's wife Lisa Niemi arranges for them to be moved, and she is expected to scatter his remains at their New Mexico ranch.