Patrick Stump has risked the wrath of his internet-loving Fall Out Boy bandmate Pete Wentz by declaring his dislike for
The rockers are currently on hiatus after playing in the band together for nearly a decade.
And the future of the group looks increasingly uncertain now that frontman Stump has blasted Wentz's favourite social networking site and accused its users of having "verbal diarrhoea".
He tells, "I have a song called Love Selfish Love (on my upcoming solo album). You know, a lot of people ask me why I don't have a Twitter. It's sad that people really go out of their way to tell everyone everything about themselves. Our country has verbal diarrhoea. It's really sad - there's no mystery, no surprise. Love Selfish Love is just about that.
"It would be nice to go on a first date with somebody and not be able to know everything about them from their MySpace or Facebook profile. There's no first impressions anymore. You go to a job interview and they'll probably Google you. It's a shame - people should play it a little closer to the chest as far as what information they release to the world. If I'm angry about something I'm not going to take to my Twitter. The whole record explores that idea."
Coincidentally, Wentz used his blog to confirm the Dance, Dance hitmakers are on a break earlier this month (Feb10).