Patrick Stump has dramatically lost weight, but said he's still "p****d off" on his solo record.

The former Fall Out Boy frontman has been out of the public eye for 2010 during which time he has slimmed down and worked on his solo debut, which while he promises it will be angry, is also positive.

He said: "Neither I nor my music seem comfortably defined by The Do it yourself punk or R'n'B and hip-hop scenes.

"I feel like I operate between the margins. I want to contribute to the musical vernacular of both. I'm just as p****d off as I was while screaming in punk bands, but I feel like I'm directing it into something positive and centered around love."

Patrick's debut will be called 'Soul Punk' and was not only written entirely by the musician, but he also plays all of the instruments on it.

The singer's album is set for release in February and at present fans can listen to two versions of his song 'Spotlight' and choose which they think should be included on the album.

Meanwhile Patrick's former bandmate, bass player Pete Wentz is presently recording with his new band Black Cards.