Sir Patrick Stewart thinks the UK and the US are united by a collective feeling of frustration.

The 78-year-old actor - who is married to American singer Sunny Ozell - thinks British and American people share many of the same annoyances.

He explained: ''What links the US - my wife is American - and us [in the UK] is that millions of people have not felt connected, have felt disenfranchised and are really having a tough time of it.''

Patrick believes a country is ''only as good as its leaders'' - and that the rise of President Donald Trump is linked to the public's frustrations.

He told the BBC: ''When someone comes along and says we're going to change all that right away - which is not possible to do - it's attractive because people do not feel represented or understood.

''Surely there are more important things than building a wall between Mexico and the US, surely there's more important things to do than throwing business out of our country?

''A country is only as good as its leaders.''

Recently, Patrick revealed he's in favour of 14 year olds getting the vote in the UK.

The acclaimed actor plays wizard Merlin in 'The Kid Who Would Be King' - which follows a young boy who finds King Arthur's legendary sword Excalibur - and Patrick praised the movie for putting young people in a position of control.

He said: ''We've had plenty of movies that have had children in. But I can't think of one that puts them into such a position where they have to make their own decision and their own choices which will affect the whole nation.

''People are already saying 14 year olds should have the vote and I'm in favour of that.''