Sir Patrick Stewart says living in the English countryside is like being in a ''war zone''.

The 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' actor resides in a £2.2 million mansion in the Cotswolds area of Oxfordshire with his girlfriend Sunny Ozell, but he is despairing about the noise created by the nearby Shooting School at Enstone Airfield.

He said: ''There are times when it is like living in a war zone and the shooting is often continuous which means the natural peace and tranquillity of the area is being disrupted.

''The shooting can even be heard in my house when The Doors and windows are shut and it has a terrible effect on the animals.

''Recently there was an incident when a deer got impaled on barbed wire after becoming distressed by the noise.''

Patrick - who has also starred in the 'X-Men' movies as Professor Charles Xavier - added he does not want the business to close, but simply to modify its opening times so it does not disturb people so often.

He told a local paper: ''We're not asking them to stop firing, but we want modifications to lessen the impact on the local community.''