Up-and-coming British rocker Patrick Sherry plunged to his death midway through a raucous performance, after a spectacular stage-dive went horribly wrong.

Sherry, who was playing with his band BAD BEAT REVUE at a gig promoted by UK music magazine NME, jumped off the stage at the Warehouse venue in Leeds, England.

The singer horrified fans as he reached out mid-leap to hang from a lighting rig, but missed and fell head-first onto the floor during the concert last Wednesday (20JUL05).

The 29-year-old died in hospital the next morning (21JUL05).

A witness says, "He crouched down before leaping off the stage and tried to grab the lighting rig and his momentum carried him forward.

"He went upside down and hit the floor. It lasted about five seconds. It was horrendous."

Sherry's brother BRENDAN, who is also in the band, adds, "He died doing what he did best."

25/07/2005 15:20