Patrick Schwarzenegger would consider following his father into politics.

The 'Scream Queens' star has revealed he would think about following in his father Arnold Schwarzenegger's footsteps and going into politics. Arnold served as Governor of California from November 2003 to January 2011.

When asked by TMZ if he would ever get into politics, Patrick said: ''If I thought I could better this country, yeah.''

Meanwhile, Arnold had previously revealed that he decided to put his career on hold while in political office because he didn't think it was possible to balance the two careers at once.

He shared: ''They tell you that when you're governor, or mayor, or prime minister, that you're so consumed with work, and that you're so consumed with the responsibility that you ... you don't really have the time to think, 'Maybe I should do a movie on the side'.''

And 24-year-old Patrick recently opened up about living in his father's shadow and how it was seeing his dad's own career that spurred him into acting himself.

He shared: ''I remember being five years old and going to the set of Batman and Robin. That's when I fell in love with acting ... It [his role in 'The Long Road Home'] required the most commitment of any role I've done but it also had the biggest payoff ... My dad came to visit me on set. It was incredible to make him proud. He said, 'Now I'm the one sitting in the chair and watching you work.'''