Patrick Schwarzenegger wants to star in a movie with his famous father Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The 19 year old - whose mother is Arnold's ex-wife Maria Shriver, who is part of the American political family The Kennedys - is determined to make it as a star on the big screen and he can currently be seen in his first leading role in romantic drama 'Midnight Sun' opposite Bella Thorne.

Patrick's dad Arnold, 70, was a seven-time Mr Olympia bodybuilding champion and moved from Austria to America to try and fulfil his dream to make it as a movie star and after making his acting debut in 1970 movie 'Hercules in New York'.

After being catapulted to worldwide fame playing the title character in 'Conan the Barbarian' in 1982, he went on to become one of Hollywood's biggest action stars with leading roles in memorable movies such as 'The Terminator', 'Predator', 'The Running Man' and 'Commando'.

Patrick is looking to prove he doesn't just have a famous name and is a talented actor in his own right and so at the moment he wants to avoid working with his dad but one day he hopes they can appear in a movie together.

Speaking to the New York Post newspaper, he said: ''Nothing's easy in this life. My dad can tell you that firsthand. Lots of roles I haven't gotten but I don't complain. I just work ... He's very supportive. This moment I'm deliberately veering away from my dad. Not trying for any of his movies. Hopefully one day I can be with him, but for now I'm doing what's called working your ass off.''

Patrick got the acting bug as a child and got into drama when he was at school.

And he has great memories of practising his lines with his action man dad Arnold and their shared love of the profession helped them bond.

Patrick said: ''I always wanted to be an actor. I'd do new plays in acting class. We'd get assigned a partner, do a dozen scenes, and I'd practice with my parents. I'd run lines with my dad. I fell in love with the profession. Acting was my aspiration. It created a big bond with my father. He'd take me to the set every morning. I'd sleep in his trailer, accompany him to the makeup set. I grew up with it and into it. Dad put me in a movie when I was a kid, maybe 10. My first experience. He got me a little role with Adam Sandler in 'The Benchwarmers'.''