Patrick Schwarzenegger has been inspired to make it as an actor by his father Arnold Schwarzenegger's incredible journey to Hollywood success.

The 19-year-old model - whose mother is Arnold's ex-wife Maria Shriver, who is part of the American political family The Kennedys - is determined to make it on the big screen and he landed his first leading role in romantic drama 'Midnight Sun' opposite Bella Thorne.

Patrick's dad Arnold was a seven-time Mr Olympia bodybuilding champion and moved from Austria to America to try and fulfil his dream to make it as a movie star and after making his acting debut in 1970 movie 'Hercules in New York' he had more minor roles before being catapulted to worldwide fame playing the title character in 'Conan the Barbarian' in 1982.

And it is that journey which gives Patrick the belief he can make it in Tinseltown too without relying on his iconic name.

When asked what career advice his famous father has given him, Patrick said: ''My dad is always saying, 'Never listen to the naysayers.' He came from another country with 20 bucks in his pocket and climbed the ladder of success. It gives me determination to become my own person - not just his son - and make a name for myself.''

Arnold, 70, earned his status as a major box office commodity by appearing in a string of action classics, including 'Terminator', 'Commando', 'The Running Man' and 'Total Recall'.

However, Patrick is more of a fan of ''tearjerker'' rom-coms.

He said: ''I love a good tearjerker - I watch all different movies with my girlfriend [model Abby Champion]. I'm a huge fan of 'The Notebook' and 'The Fault in Our Stars'. You can definitely catch me reaching for the tissues.''

Patrick is currently in a relationship with Abby Champion and his movie 'Midnight Sun' has inspired him to be more imaginative when it comes to romancing the model.

He said: ''Playing Charlie in 'Midnight Sun' taught me that I need to plan better dates. I mean, he takes his girlfriend on the train to Seattle to surprise her. I haven't made that grand a gesture yet, so the pressure's on to step it up!''