Oh hello! Isn't it cute when two celebrity kids get together, and who saw this one coming? None other than Patrick Schwarzenegger (no need to tell you who his father is) and Jade Iovine - daughter of music producer and sometime 'American Idol' mentor Jimmy Iovine have reportedly got together at the Schwarzenegger's High School Prom. Aw.
The Inquisitr reports that the pair were pictured together before going to the event, with Schwarzenegger looking like the spit of his old man - albeit looking rather less hulked up - in a dashing black tuxedo. Iovine meanwhile looks more than delighted to be on the arm of Arnie's son. Who knows maybe he too will eventually have muscles to flex like the big man.
However, before everyone gets carried away and starts predicting a happy future for the pair, apparently they're merely just friends. Indeed, Schwarzenegger confirmed as such on Twitter, writing under the picture of the couple "Prom with my best friend jadeiovine," before replying to a slew of Tweets asking about their romantic intentions by saying "haha yes just friends." Having graduated from Brentwood School, Schwarzenegger will now be continuing his studies at the prestigious college Usc - where his sister Katherine became a senior in 2011.