Patrick J. Adams thinks Meghan Markle will do ''incredible things'' as a Duchess.

The 'Suits' star - who appeared alongside the Duchess of Sussex in the drama series - thinks the royal and her spouse Prince Harry are destined for great things.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ''No, she's busy, I think. About to rule the entire world or something. It's amazing. She's coming into her power in an amazing way, and I know that her and Prince Harry are going to do incredible things together.''

Meanwhile, Meghan's pal Priyanka Chopra previously insisted her friend Meghan is doing ''amazing'' as a royal and is thrilled that she's settled into the royal family so quickly.

She shared: ''She's doing amazing. It's so nice to see.''

On the day of the wedding, Priyanka shared a photo of the happy couple on Instagram and spoke of how Meghan was the ''epitome of grace, love and beauty''.

She wrote: ''Every once in a while there is a moment when time stands still.. that happened today.. You my friend.. were the epitome of grace, love and beauty. Every choice made at this wedding by you both will go down in history, not just because it was your wedding but because this incredible wedding stood for change and hope. Both things that the world needs desperately. Thank you for being the perfect picture of all things good.. seeing your union and love blessed in front of my eyes Made me so happy.. and tear up! I wish you both love happiness and togetherness always..(sic)''