Actor Patrick Duffy has told of his terror after his son suffered a seizure, calling the medical emergency the most frightening moment of his life.
The Dallas star was at a Buddhist meeting with his wife Carlyn when their three-year-old boy came down with a high fever and began having a fit.
Duffy recalls, "He was playing in the bedroom. But the babysitter came out with this look on her face of pure fear. My son was having a seizure, his eyes were rolling up, he was drooling. That was the most frightened I'd been... I grabbed him and ran to the car. I was sitting in the car doing mouth-to-mouth on my son and the nurse was doing Cpr (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). And we were hurtling to the hospital. He had a fever that was 105 degrees... He was screaming for Daddy. That was so hard to go through."
Doctors diagnosed the little boy with epilepsy, but Duffy and his wife decided against putting him on medication for the disorder as it conflicted with their faith.
He tells Britain's OK! magazine, "My wife said, 'No. Absolutely not.' It was the Buddhist philosophy. She said, 'I will be responsible that he does not have that again,' and she took that upon herself. It was her karma to have a child like that, so it was her responsibility to change something about herself so that she didn't have that karma anymore. He never had another seizure."